The Reviews

Today I am a proud author ...

I was struggling with the idea of making a book and came to Andy with a few handwritten stories.

Andy helped me get familiar with the technology I needed. He dove into my content, ruminated about the messaging, and became engrossed in helping me tell my story. Today I am a proud author helping people with a past like mine to overcome."

Ramie Stenzel

I couldn't find the time ...

I knew it was time to write a book, but I couldn’t find the time. Before working with Andy, I had a dozen ideas floating around in my head but was struggling with getting organized, getting my thoughts onto paper, and following through. Andy is not simply a coach, he’s a catalyst. Working with Andy is dynamic and synergistic. Andy has the expertise of how to write a book but partnering with him is so much more than that. He listens and reflects so you can begin to find your voice.

Writing a book is a journey, and I can’t think of a better sojourner than Andy. If you are struggling with finding your way through the maze of thoughts to organize and write your book, I highly recommend working with Andy DeWitt."

David Cordeau

God put Andy DeWitt in my life ...

God put Andy DeWitt into my life to help me put my thoughts, stories, and message on paper. Without him, I would not have been able to accomplish this journey. He is an amazing partner, friend, and mentor through it all."

Ryan Kilburg


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