Andy's Story

How the Writing Began

While on a mission trip to Haiti, a missionary inspired me with his fantastic story. I returned home thinking, “Someone needs to write his story.” So, I wrote his biography: GIVE YOUR BEST. This book has helped raise over a million dollars for Mountain Top Ministries, Haiti.

My six-year-old son saw me working on the book and said, “Dad, will you write a book for me?”

“Of course I will.”

I sketched out a simple children’s book and gave it to my kids for Christmas. They loved it. The following Christmas, I wrote a novel with them as the main characters. Their annual novels have grown in complexity ever since.

When aspiring authors asked for help, I took on ghostwriting projects and have loved the process!

I did all this as a hobby while working as an Oral Surgeon.

Now retired from surgical practice, I work as a full-time ghostwriter helping aspiring writers to liberate life from pen to paper! I’ve won an award (Selah Awards Finalist) for a recent novel and helped a client (David Cordeau) become an Amazon bestseller.


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