About Ghostwriting

Why You Need a Ghostwriter

Your story needs to be told.

Writing a book is hard by yourself.

Your Story Needs To Be Told!

Over the years, you’ve weathered storms and matured. Now it’s time to write your book. 

Imagine your book in the hands of eager readers: an extract of your life, experiences, observations, and lessons.

You might have the entire book outlined in your mind, but articulating it is not simple.

Maybe you’ve run into roadblocks: too busy, the project is overwhelming, the publishing process is confusing, etc.

How many people have spent years writing a book? Most aspiring writers give up because of the daunting nature of the process.

Don’t give up hope! Let’s work together and get it done!

Writing a Book Is Hard By Yourself.

I’ve got your back!

I’m like a sherpa, doing the heavy lifting so you can climb Mount Everest. I don’t just listen to your stories and regurgitate the words on a page, I perk up your narrative with creative wordsmithing to bring your story to life. When we’re done, you can wave your book proudly to motivate and inspire audiences everywhere.

Maybe your story is a chronicled account of tragedy and triumph – audiences love tragedy! Or maybe you have a unique teaching system already making an impact. Either way, I can take care of you.

Why You Need A Ghostwriter

You probably didn’t pull out a hammer to fabricate the house you live in, right? A professional builder did the heavy lifting so you could spend time working in your sweet spot. In the same way, a ghostwriter can craft your book for you. You’ll save hundreds of hours of work and countless frustrations.

The ideas and stories are yours. The book is yours.

Let the work of getting there be mine.

The Process

Writing a 200-page book takes hundreds of hours.

Yes, you heard that right!

Completing a book is no joke. It’s a substantial project. Some people take decades to write their book—most people never finish.

With my help, everything changes!

I love this stuff! Sorting through the teaching points and getting things in order takes effort, but we’ll have tons of fun in the process! When you’re diving into your passion, you should have a blast! I like to say, “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.”

You’ve enjoyed a successful life, traveled, and built great relationships with influential people who lent a hand along the way. You’ve experienced the world in ways others haven’t and have accumulated bundles of wisdom. Now, you’re ready to pay it forward.

Find an experienced writer to guide you through the process—someone who respects your story, appreciates your life lessons, and sees books as the highest form of storytelling.

Anyone can crank out 200 pages and call it a book. However, only a handful of writers have the capacity and temperament to collaborate in the process. I’ll walk side by side with you for months to empower you to accomplish a lifetime goal.

You’ve been searching for the right ghostwriter to let your heart spill out on the page.

Look no further.

The Pricing

Before we talk about cost, take a minute and think about what it will feel like to hold your book in your hands.

Your story. Complete. Beautiful. Ready to share.

Now, imagine other people sharing your book. Giving it away as gifts. People you don’t know are talking about how your book changed their lives.

It’s real.

Now, imagine how it will feel if you don’t write your book.

If you hold back for another season and it never gets done.

What is it worth to you? Can you put a number on it?

These projects take hundreds of hours of work. Our prices reflect our time and expertise.

We Can Write Your Book For You.

1. Short non-fiction book:

Deliver your teaching in a clear, compelling manner and transform lives!

  • Length: 20,000 words, 80-100 pages
  • Timeframe: usually takes 3-4 months
  • Cost: $26,000

2. Traditional non-fiction book:

Share your teaching with a book of traditional length.

  • Length: 40,000 words, 140-180 pages
  • Timeframe: usually takes 4-6 months
  • Cost: $42,000

3. Memoir:

Allow your reader to spend time in your shoes. Let them learn from your lessons of success and failure.

  • Length: 80,000 words, 200 pages
  • Timeframe: usually takes 6+ months
  • Cost: $60,000

What the Pricing Includes

Prices include everything for your book ... from soup to nuts:

  • interviews and
  • manuscript crafting.

Plus: outside sources, including:

  • editing,
  • proofreading,
  • interior design,
  • cover design,
  • ISBN, and
  • listing your book on Amazon.


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