Before we talk about cost ...

Before we talk about cost, take a minute and think about what it will feel like to hold your book in your hands.

Your story. Complete. Beautiful. Ready to share.

Now, imagine other people sharing your book. Giving it away as gifts. People you don’t know are talking about how your book changed their lives.

It’s real.

Now, imagine how it will feel if you don’t write your book.

If you hold back for another season and it never gets done.

What is it worth to you? Can you put a number on it?

These projects take hundreds of hours of work. Our prices reflect our time and expertise.

We can write your book for you!

1. Short non-fiction book:

Deliver your teaching in a clear, compelling manner and transform lives!

  • Length: 20,000 words, 80-100 pages
  • Timeframe: usually takes 3-4 months
  • Cost: $26,000*

2. Traditional non-fiction book:

Share your teaching with a book of traditional length.

  • Length: 40,000 words, 140-180 pages
  • Timeframe: usually takes 4-6 months
  • Cost: $42,000*

3. Memoir.

Allow your reader to spend time in your shoes. Let them learn from your lessons of success and failure.

  • Length: 80,000 words, 200 pages
  • Timeframe: usually takes 6+ months
  • Cost: $60,000*

About Pricing

*Prices include everything for your book ... from soup to nuts:

  • interviews and
  • manuscript crafting.

Plus: outside sources, including:

  • editing,
  • proofreading,
  • interior design,
  • cover design,
  • ISBN, and
  • listing your book on Amazon.


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