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Andy DeWitt

Let me write for you.

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For individuals writing memoirs and non-fiction

Your story needs to be told and writing a book is hard by yourself.

The ideas and stories are yours. The book is yours.

Let the work of getting there be mine.

Ramie Stenzel

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What they're saying about Andy DeWitt

Today I am a proud author ...

I was struggling with the idea of making a book and came to Andy with a few handwritten stories.

Andy helped me get familiar with the technology I needed. He dove into my content, ruminated about the messaging, and became engrossed in helping me tell my story. Today I am a proud author helping people with a past like mine to overcome."

Andy's Story

I work as a full-time ghostwriter helping aspiring writers to liberate life from pen to paper! I’ve won an award for a recent novel and helped a client become an Amazon bestseller.

Books for Clients

I've been privileged to be a part of ghostwriting projects for several different clients.

Books by Andy DeWitt

I've written both fiction and non-fiction books.

Schedule a one-on-one complimentary writing strategy session with me. Let's dive into where you are in your writing and discover some strategies for you to get published!


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